Monday, March 22, 2010

"The Adventures of Jim Bowie" (1958)

Here are two screen grabs of Joyce with actors Scott Forbes and Lawrence Dobkin in the Western TV series The Adventures of Jim Bowie. Joyce appeared as Madeline Renaud, a New Orleans countess with a missing husband and diamond necklace, in the season two episode "Pirate On Horseback," which aired on January 17th, 1958. This small bit was one of a handful of parts that an older and more matronly looking Joyce took on when she returned to acting in 1957-61. It's fascinating to see her in this period, as charming as ever. The complete run of The Adventures of Jim Bowie is available on DVD from Infinity Entertainment.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"The Abbott & Costello Show" (1953)

Here are two screen grabs from Joyce Compton's brief appearance in an episode of TV's The Abbott and Costello Show. In it, Joyce plays a flirty Southern gal applying for a drivers license, having only about 10-15 seconds of screen time. It is definitely a bit part, and given the episode's date (1953), the role was likely the last acting job she took before taking time off to devote to her nursing career. Later on in the decade, she returned to acting before retiring for good in the early '60s.